Web-based Medical Management

Over the years, a physical therapist-owned and operated partnership of clinics* across Washington and Oregon worked to develop, refine and continue to provide utilization practice management web tools to guide the effectiveness of their clinical care.  These tools have become increasingly popular, and are now being used all over the country by other physical therapy networks and providers.

As the popularity of the utilization management tools took off in physical therapy clinics, communicating with insurance case managers became more challenging, as they were using an entirely different system.  Working together with UX and Dev, we presented high-level ideas and hopes of developing an interface that insurance agencies would use to seamlessly integrate with the systems already being used in the clinics.

I placed considerations on the design of the interface, but more importantly, on the users of the new system.  After flushing through several rounds of user flows, multiple rounds of wireframes were detailed and presented to the client which helped form the shape of the final application.  While many challenges were presented, working together and identifying what worked best for the user was always the best answer.

*Due to NDA, the company cannot be explicitly identified.  🙁

Sample User Flows & Wireframes

If you’re really interested, a full report can be made available upon request.

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